I’m back…

After an absence of over a year, I’ve decided to make a reappearance in the bloggersphere. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I stopped posting in the first place. Looking back, this blog is a really effective way of catching some of the amazing experiences and beautiful things in my life, which deserve to be remembered. I’ve also been thinking about how I used to enjoy writing my blog and when something is enjoyable there’s no point in quitting mid-flow.

So you can expect to see lots more  over the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years. The core focus will continue to be on the things that inspire me, whether that be personal experiences, art exhibitions, travels, London life, films, the spiritual realm or anything else that catches my attention. I’ll also be making an effort to post more of my own art on the site. So take a look and let me know what you think. I love hearing everyone else’s views and their own experiences of all things inspirtaional too!

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Experiential London

I’ve been to a couple of social events recently that have been slightly out of the ordinary so I thought I’d take the opportunity to offer some thoughts on them.

Firstly, Shunt has been my Saturday night destination for the past two weeks running.  Both times it has been a bit disappointing. This is a performance arts venue in London Bridge station with live music and art exhibitions. The location is amazing – a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns with a unisex toilet, cinema (of sorts) and the odd tree (!) Previously they used to have DJs and pack the place out with a crowd happy to take in the randomness but safe in the knowledge they they’d have a good dance and feel suitably merry. Now it has reopened they seem to have removed the DJ from the equation and, quite frankly, bopping along to an acoustic performance, doesn’t quite cut the mustard for a Saturday night out in London. That said, it is worth at least one visit. But get there early or book in advance.

So moving on to a more successful recent soiree, with equally unusual credentials: I recently attended one of the Science Museum ‘Lates’. This is a free adult only night and the one I went to was all about the science of music (not sure if they change the theme each month). Here I discovered that ukulele karaoke + breakdancing demonstration + silent disco = a winning combination. Plus you could play with all the interactive exhibitions which are usually reserved for kiddies. (There’s something very satisfying about seeing grown ups at play.) As an added element of randomness, the world’s first pregnant man also made an appearance… All in all a very fun and FREE evening.

The conclusion I’d draw from these recent excursions is that when organisers are trying to do something different it is still important to keep fun at the heart of their idea. I do think that some of the fun has gone out of Shunt and I won’t be returning until I can be guaranteed a good dance, a laugh, an upbeat atmosphere or ukulele karaoke. Any of these would be more fitting for such an awesome venue than the gloomy atmosphere that seems to reign at present.

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Chris Ofili…Beyond the Dung

So moving swiftly on from self help books because my sister reckons I sound like a fruit loop… I went to the Chris Ofili exhibition at the Tate Britain with my friend Shenel on Sunday and saw some beautiful, energised paintings. Energised might seem like a strange choice of word but for me it seems like the most appropriate one. Its hard to describe but his paintings were so vibrant and “buzzy” that they sort of pulse off the paper and dazzle you. This guy has no qualms in getting messy with glitter, glue, resin and even elephant dung. Kind of reminded me of being 5 and just playing with pretty colours and sparkly things. (He is, of course, a lot better at this than your average 5 year old.)

The best bit was a beautifully designed wooden room where Ofili’s series of monkey god paintings hang. Each in a different vibrant colour: lime green, neon orange, rose pink and violet – that makes it sound a bit like a Dulex colour chart on acid but I promise you it was far from this. At the end of the room is the big monkey god glittering in gold with a rainbow background. (Jeez, I’m making this sound cheap and tacky but it is clearly the draftsmanship, sensitivity and power behind the work that is impressive. As well as the pretty colours.)

In the monkey room, Ofili said he was trying to create the effect of a temple but without the religious implications and the room did have a spiritual feel to it, probably due to the fact that visitors are in awe of the artworks. Who would of thought that colours+monkeys+wooden panels = mesmorising, soothing and inspiring place… Shenel and I struggled to drag ourselves away because we felt so drawn to the room.

One of the other highlights was seeing some humorous pencil sketches – many of them made up of nothing but miniature faces with big afros which, in a dot-to-dot fashion, mark out a larger image, usually of an attractive woman. This room also had some small, beautiful water colours in it of birds and faces – black background with rainbow colours marking the image. Apparently he does these little paintings in the morning and the evening as a way of freeing his mind. I had a go at one myself and found it a pleasing and soothing experience. Result below.

So in short I loved it (even the dung) and you should go too if you get the chance. Hats off to Mr Ofili and here’s an example of what he does best to finish.

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