As mentioned in my first post, this blog is an experiment on my part to find out more about this intriguing form of communicating with the world. I hope to learn about how and why people write blogs (useful for someone with a career in technology PR).

My other main purpose is to share interesting, funny, useful and inspiring snippets with anyone who cares to glance at them. My subject areas will be something along the lines of: music, food, art, London, PR, books and my personal experiences. But don’t worry, there’ll be no highbrow critiquing here: just thoughts,  feelings and the occasional venting session.

As I’m pretty new to all this I’ll be learning as I go so please don’t expect anything eye-popping. On the other hand, living in London as a young professional, having a bunch of creative friends and a bit of an insight into the weird and wonderful world of the web from my job, all provide a multitude of sources of inspiration for posts so hopefully there’ll be something at least vaguely informative, thought-provoking and or/entertaining to be found on these pages…

One Comment

  1. Sarah replied:

    Really like your writing, style, Amy!

    Keep it up – I’ve signed up for the email alerts.


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