A Weekend in Wales

Montgomery Castle

Rhaedr Waterfall

Lake Vyrnwy

A singing walk

Powys Castle

Some Welsh Cheese and Lebanese Wine

BBC Modern Masters - Picasso

If you are wondering what you’ve just been reading and why, then please consult Marcus Zusak’s The Book Thief – in part of this book one of the characters (a fist-fighting Jew) creates his own picture book, which is featured in the text – made of simple sketches, it playfully interrupts the text with childlike pictures that are all the more enjoyable for their technical lack of ability. So I thought I’d have a go.

For a more accurate representation of what I saw in Wales and how beautiful it was there are some photos below.

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  1. Sally Ryan replied:

    I’m a huge fan of ‘The Book Thief’ and I really love your artwork of your weekend in Wales. It was great to meet you at last. Sally x

    • wattismyname replied:

      Hi Sally,

      Thanks for your comment. I had such a great time in Wales last weekend – thanks for letting me stay! I will have to let you know how I get on with Nigel’s Toast!

  2. Jim replied:

    what did you sing on your singing walk?

    • wattismyname replied:

      Only just seen your comment -the singing was mostly nineties classics including Blur, Pulp and Bluetones. There were some old classics too. And of course Nuala wanted to do some Eminim rapping…

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