An introduction

Hello and welcome to “Watt’s Blog” (dodgy title, I know). But I’m bored of punning on my own name so that’s ‘watt’ it’s gonna be. Argh, did it again.

Anyway, before you click away I’m going to introduce this blog properly by summing up my intentions for it, which are (in no particular order) as follows:

  • See what all the fuss is about – I work in technology PR and so social media is now hardwired into my brain as an important thing for my clients to do. Apparently, the best way to really understand it is to try it so off I go.
  • Share some cool stuff – people say the web is all about sharing and I agree.  So it is time for me to start ‘giving’ to the online world and share some of the artwork, writing, recipes, advice and other things that I  find interesting. I’m hoping that a lot of this will come from my friends, who are rather a creative bunch if I do say so.
  • Keeping with the sharing theme, I’ll also be updating you on many pointless anecdotes and episodes in my life. No, this won’t be a full on diary but when something funny/interesting/downright humiliating happens to me, maybe you’d like to read about it. (Can I backtrack on sharing the “humiliating” stuff. No? ok)

So there we have an introduction of sorts. You’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

Now if anyone can help me operate this thing, add pics, change background, etc, I’d love a “crash course” on making it look jazz and doing exciting things with it. Yes, I know I work in technology but that does not mean I am in anyway good with this stuff.

This is Watt signing off. Over and out.

February 6, 2009. Me.

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